X-Trinitarian Corner

This section is reserved for testimonies from former Trinitarians who are now Biblical Unitarians. If this describes you, please share how God led you to change your views. Thanks for sharing.


  1. Thomas The Llamas

    I used to be a Trinitarian then after extensive research into the original lagueges, history of the church, and metaphysical nature of God I came to the truth. The Father is the 1 true God who’s spirit precedes from Him, and Jesus is Gods first creation. An exaulted godly creature.

    • John R Wallis

      What do you mean when you say, “Jesus is Gods first creation”?
      John R Wallis

  2. Lincoln Falana

    I came to the faith 9 years ago. Despite growing in a christian sphere, and believing, I never was convicted, and so lived to please myself…until God saved me, one summer’s afternoon in 2010.

    What was once a dry well of a heart was quickly burning with desire to know God and to grow spiritually. Maturing as a believer, under guidance, I was nurtured, gracefully, with the view of the trinity. Roughly four years ago, however, in spite of having read the bible front to back 5 years into my being saved, I realised, in the NT, numerous accounts defining Jesus as separate from God and being under his authority. Now, this became confusing for me – “and God is not an author of confusion” – so I prayed,a nd preayed, and studied, and studied, and prayed. Not once did God, by His spirit, inform me to the contrary (Matthew 7:9-11)

    In my many prayers and studies, it dawned on me that:
    1. The trinity never was shown to me in scripture (by my instructors)

    2. Reading about and listening to explanations of the trinity from numerous instructors (like John Piper and John MacArthur), their words contradicted Paul, James, John, the Old Testament, where Jesus is expressed as from and under the authority of God.

    3. “The trinity cannot be understood fully. If we understood God fully then He is not God” – I paraphrase – is nothing but a terrible excuse. Scripture never expresses the trinity, and it expresses, even, that God wishes that we know Him personally.

    4. In the midst of my unsettledness, my continual commentary/expository check – using BibleHub.com; listening to John Slick of CARM; John Piper; etc – as to why the bible does not define Jesus as God (who is the supreme deity) but GIVEN authority by God , (trinitarian), I stumbled upon other sources/comments, in Quora, and then Biblical Unitarian and Trinity Examined. On that day, I came to realise not only I was of this understanding.

    We take in every word point blank because it is tradition, failing to pray, ponder, and study over it.
    2 Timothy 2:15

  3. Brandon Russell

    I grew up in the Assemblies of God church denomination and therefore believed in “the trinity,” although it was a super shallow understanding. I don’t remember really any teaching about it, but one little church class I was in had us write a statement of faith which included it. I was only a pre-teen (or a little younger?) at that time. I got pretty much no teaching on the trinity after that, so it rarely crossed my mind.
    In college I was invited into a campus ministry group. I wasn’t outgoing at all, so I didn’t really make “friends” in that group. However, everyone there knew me a little and I knew all them a little. I wasn’t going to the same church as the people in the group. One Sunday the associate pastor of my church tried to do a basic “trinity” sermon, in which he attempted to show support from scripture and talk about the trinity. I was bothered by the lack of scriptures he quoted and his “positive mysterian” (as Dale Tuggy says) attitude. He said several times something like “we can’t understand it! Isn’t it amazing!?” Also, I had not been studying the bible a ton, but had done a little reading here and there since I joined the ministry group (and had gotten more serious about my faith). I felt like the scripture seemed to contradict what the pastor was saying. So I tried asking the people in the campus ministry (even the leaders) about the trinity, and they had no knowledge of it apart from the basic definition. This kind of set my internal alarm off. (Everywhere you look, people are claiming that the trinity is “essential to Christianity,” that the gospel just IS the trinity, etc. dispite no one knowing anything about it, its lack of being preached in churches, and its lack of being in the bible) I then decided that I was going to search thoroughly through the entire new testament and note every verse that says anything significant about the Father, Son, Spirit, and God.
    I don’t really know why, but I kind of was already biased towards the unitarian side as I made my way through the new testament. I guess it was from my subconscious knowing all the scriptures that clearly separate Jesus and God and imply (or maybe even explicitly state) that he is not equal to God. In the middle of that studying, I started looking around the internet on the topic. I was progressively becoming more unitarian as I studied more, but my big dilemma was that it seemed like there we no other Christians that rejected the trinity. I got discouraged. I eventually came across the Trinities Podcast and discovered “biblical unitarians.” I was so surprised to find that all the scriptures I had found on my own, they were also talking about. Also they didn’t seem to be cult-like at all, but instead were/are just a bunch of people like me – some of whom are very educated and have studied the bible and church history for a long time (not that I’m really educated/studied, but that they too left mainstream Christian doctrines after really studying on their own).
    At first, of course, I didn’t really know what I was talking about when it came to certain passages of scripture. I shared some stuff that I now regret because I was poorly informed on some things. Through their (biblical unitarian) online discussions, posts, debates, and videos, however, I have learned quite a bit have been able to form my own beliefs better (make them more scriptural with good reasons behind them).
    It really bothers me now how most Christians don’t care about studying the scripture and history to see if what they have dedicated their lives to follow is true or not. Some are even willfully ignorant of the issues. Others are content with the pitiful arguments and false narratives of popular “apologists” and pastors.

    • Fritz Gerth

      Spirit and truth fellowship international has many online fellowships through the week available at stfonline.com. also they have hundreds of podcasts and 10 minute teachings and boblicalunitarian.com may be the most complete Unitarian center and verses at the top disect verses that trinitarians use to justify their beliefs

  4. Diane

    Where do you find a place to worship that isn’t Trinitarian I also believe in observing the Sabbath so where do you find a place to gather that isn’t 100 miles away

    • John Bevan

      Why don’t you create a group of your own? You can find ample information about how the first Christians performed their services and do the same in your own home? Communion was a meal. Services were liturgical. Hymns are taken from the Psalms.

      Just a suggestion.

    • John

      Gods (Jehovah) witnesses usually have local congregations.

  5. James

    I have never believed in the Trinity. Talk about a doctrine that’s full of holes! The most disturbing thing is hardcore Trinitarians say non-Trinitarians aren’t Christian. One Christian condemning the other over a Catholic devised diabolical doctrine. The thousands of people tortured and murdered over it is proof that it’s of a bad spirit – the spirit of Satan himself.

    I’ve about lost my faith over Christian condemning me – calling me an evil heretic and apostate. Matt Slick and the illustrious John (tpos) MacArthur are the worse. I’m about done with this debacle of a religion because of it.

    • Mark

      I was raised Baptist but never believed in the Trinity.
      I had never even heard of the Trinity until I was 13, and then only because I was spending the summer at the coast with some cousins whose neighbors were Jehovah’s Witnesses. My older cousin said I could befriend the JW kids but to be careful because ‘they don’t believe in the Trinity.’ I had to ask her what the Trinity was, because I’d never heard of it in my 13 years in the Baptist Church.
      I became best friends with the oldest JW boy who was my age. Of course we discussed the Trinity and I knew that the trinitarians were wrong and the JWs were right (on the subject of the Trinity.)
      No regrets!

  6. Todd

    I was born and raised baptist. The word “trinity” was spoken here and there, but nothing was really taught about the doctrine of the trinity. All I knew was that the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit were the trinity. As Dr. Dale Tuggy calls it, I was a paper trinitarian. However, as I was listening to a radio broadcast from Alistair Begg, during this sermon he made the comment “Either Jesus was fully God or He was the greatest liar that ever lived.” Now, again, I knew nothing about the trinity, but I instantly recognized this as a false dichotomy in the area of argumentation/debate. So I started studying for myself. I went through every verse I could find. I listened to debates between trinitarians and non-trinitarians (this was actually VERY helpful). I looked into history and read books on the subject. And after months of intense, dedicated study, I finally came to the conclusion that the trinity is a false, man-made doctrine. That started me coming to the realization that I had to either stand for the truth or try and be accepted. There have been friends that I had known for years. Our kids played together. We went to church functions together. We prayed with each other and helped each other out. But one day when the subject of the trinity came up, they completely turned their backs on me, started making false accusations against me, and stabbing me in the back just over this ONE subject and in less than 30 minutes. The oppression and rejection was extremely painful at first, but after it happened a couple of times I kind of got calloused to it. After continuing in the truth and suffering such anti-christian oppression from those who were supposed to be “christ-like”, I have realized that in all actuality, I have been blessed for holding the course. And I will hold the course and stand for the truth. Continuing to study. Correcting myself where I need to be corrected, but standing in what I know to be true.

  7. mark william mcewan

    i believe that the bible clearly teaches that Jesus christ is the son of GOD that he came forth from GOD and is divine in nature he also pre existed in some form


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