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This section is reserved for testimonies from former Trinitarians who are now Biblical Unitarians. If this describes you, please share how God led you to change your views. Thanks for sharing.


  1. Thomas The Llamas

    I used to be a Trinitarian then after extensive research into the original lagueges, history of the church, and metaphysical nature of God I came to the truth. The Father is the 1 true God who’s spirit precedes from Him, and Jesus is Gods first creation. An exaulted godly creature.

  2. Lincoln Falana

    I came to the faith 9 years ago. Despite growing in a christian sphere, and believing, I never was convicted, and so lived to please myself…until God saved me, one summer’s afternoon in 2010.

    What was once a dry well of a heart was quickly burning with desire to know God and to grow spiritually. Maturing as a believer, under guidance, I was nurtured, gracefully, with the view of the trinity. Roughly four years ago, however, in spite of having read the bible front to back 5 years into my being saved, I realised, in the NT, numerous accounts defining Jesus as separate from God and being under his authority. Now, this became confusing for me – “and God is not an author of confusion” – so I prayed,a nd preayed, and studied, and studied, and prayed. Not once did God, by His spirit, inform me to the contrary (Matthew 7:9-11)

    In my many prayers and studies, it dawned on me that:
    1. The trinity never was shown to me in scripture (by my instructors)

    2. Reading about and listening to explanations of the trinity from numerous instructors (like John Piper and John MacArthur), their words contradicted Paul, James, John, the Old Testament, where Jesus is expressed as from and under the authority of God.

    3. “The trinity cannot be understood fully. If we understood God fully then He is not God” – I paraphrase – is nothing but a terrible excuse. Scripture never expresses the trinity, and it expresses, even, that God wishes that we know Him personally.

    4. In the midst of my unsettledness, my continual commentary/expository check – using BibleHub.com; listening to John Slick of CARM; John Piper; etc – as to why the bible does not define Jesus as God (who is the supreme deity) but GIVEN authority by God , (trinitarian), I stumbled upon other sources/comments, in Quora, and then Biblical Unitarian and Trinity Examined. On that day, I came to realise not only I was of this understanding.

    We take in every word point blank because it is tradition, failing to pray, ponder, and study over it.
    2 Timothy 2:15


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